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Merchant Cash Advance

For a whole host of reasons, small business owners are opting for a merchant cash advance when they need a capital injection. Merchant cash advances may sound like a short term loan, but in fact they are a way for investors to per-purchase from your business.

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Why Merchant Cash Advances?

Merchant cash advances give business owners a number of advantages. The reasons that most business owners opt for them can be summed up in five simple benefits of merchant cash advantages.

  1. No Collateral - You won’t be wagering your business or credit score on a loan. Instead you’re selling
    the lender a future benefit of the purchase they make right now.
  2. High Approval Rate - Business performance is the key factor, rather than personal credit scores,
    financials, or even the length of time that you’ve been in business. If your business is doing well, you’ll get the advance you need.
  3. Fast & Easy Funding and Renewals - It can take as little as 72 hours for the advance to arrive in your
    business bank account. If you’ve paid back half of your balance, you can renew the advance again.
  4. Revenue Based Collections - When you make the anticipated sales, you pay back the advance, based
    on actual sales. A percentage of sales will be put toward paying back the advance, so if things aren’t
    selling as quickly as you’d hoped, you won’t pay as much that month. You’ll always be able to pay the
    monthly bill.
  5. Simple Payback - By using your credit card transactions, monthly payments are made automatically.
    The agreed upon percentage is subtracted from your monthly credit card income.

Better than a Loan

There are also many ways that merchant cash advances differ from traditional business loans. Because of these differences, a merchant cash advance is highly beneficial for business owners that need an advance.

  • No financials or tax returns
  • No credit score required (below 500 approved)
  • No long wait times for funding
  • No complex contracts

You don’t even have to use a merchant credit card account in order to get a merchant cash advance. If you work with a bank, you can use the “Bank Only” ACH program, which looks at gross deposits each month to determine your eligibility and the amount of a merchant cash advance.

We even have a merchant program that allows you to borrow interest free for short term loans

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