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Building Corporate Credit

Your Business Credit Rating Matters

In today's competitive business world, your business' credit rating can make all the difference. Companies that provide loans, insurance, vendor packages, and other financial products rely on business credit ratings to ensure their partner companies and client base is established, reliable and has what it takes to succeed. That's why we offer credit building services to help you get on the path to credit health and financial success.

Steps to Success

Like anything in life, you can do the maximum and you can do the minimum. If you put forth a minimum amount of effort in building up your business' portfolio and establishing a credit history, it will take a long time to improve your business credit rating. Depending on your business model, this may be a strategy or simply a limitation of reality. On the other hand, putting in the maximum effort to build up your business' credit will yield faster results, and pay off bigger dividends in the long run.

Just like personal credit, there are a multitude of factors that come into play when determining a business credit score. The number of years your business has been established, the value of all of your company's assets, your payment history with vendors, utilities, state tax boards and the like – these all come into play. By making a plan to strategically address each of these components, you can focus your energies and make smart decisions that will lead to big improvements.

Imbalances in vendor payments? State or local taxes coming up? Look at your numbers and make a plan that minimizes your debt and establishes your business as a responsible credit entity.

Passive Credit Building

It may come as some surprise to know that by simply operating your business as usual, year after year, you are positively impacting your business' credit score. This is because many large companies, such as financial institutions, credit card companies, utility companies, and certain government agencies report your payment history to Dun & Bradstreet and other credit bureaus.

By just staying on top of your monthly payment obligations to the landlord, your vendors, etc., you are building your business credit profile.

Also important to note is that this information cannot be kept hidden. Other companies may access this information on your company by paying a fee to a credit reporting agency. This credit report reflects many aspects of your payment history, including any late payments or legal action (and/or collections) taken against you. A potential vendor will want to know if you have a solid history of on-time payments. Insurance companies will evaluate your legal history, creditworthiness, and debt schedule when underwriting a policy. All these things matter.

Don't look bad in front of clients, potential investors, and the competition, keep on top of your payments and your good work will speak for itself on your credit report.

Active Credit Building

In addition to being a responsible customer, taxpayer, and tenant, utilizing certain strategies will positively impact your credit rating over a much shorter timeline.

We guarantee lines of credit of $50,000 within 90 days to companies with monthly revenues of $4000.00 or higher. Eligible businesses can build lines of credit with us as high as 7 figures in just 2 years

Corporate credit building

In order for your company to thrive, it is critical to establish a business credit identity separate from your personal credit identity. Once that credit identity for your business has been established, the next step is to continue to build your business credit rating. You can minimize your efforts, which will mean it will take quite a bit of time to improve your business credit rating, or you can maximize your efforts, which will result in much quicker results.

Similar to your personal credit, your business credit profile is made up of many factors, including how long you have been in business, the size of your company assets, and the history of your payments. By consciously focusing on each of these components and making smart decisions about how to improve each of them, you can continue to build business credit and improve your overall credit rating.

Passive Credit Building

From year to year, as your company continues to operate, you are positively impacting your business credit score, whether you know it or not. Because many large companies (including financial institutions, credit card companies, utility companies, and some government agencies) report your payment history to Dun & Bradstreet and other credit bureaus, you are building your business credit file just by paying your monthly obligations. This information cannot be kept hidden, and other companies may access the information in your file by paying a fee to the credit reporting agencies. In order to ensure that you are building a positive credit profile, it is important to maintain on-time payments, a sound balance sheet, and to avoid legal action against you. Each of these components reflects positively on your overall credit rating.

Active Credit Building

By utilizing certain strategies that have been proven to positively impact your credit rating, you can improve your score much more quickly. We can guarantee any company with revenue of $4000.00 a month lines of credit within 90 days of $50,000. We will continually build those credit lines to early 7 figure lines within 2 years.

How to Build Business Credit - The Building Blocks

No single aspect of a company's credit profile can determine or undermine that company's credit worthiness. Each of the following factors influences a company's overall credit score:

    • Paying all monthly obligations on time
    • Maintaining a solid balance sheet
    • Avoiding legal troubles
    • Establishing business credit and sustaining a strong business identity

More emphasis may be placed on one of these factors or the other by potential lenders when they evaluate your credit history. For instance, whereas a potential vendor will be interested to see your payment history on your monthly obligations, when applying for a commercial loan, the lender will be most likely to emphasize the importance of a solid balance sheet. Finally, your litigation history is more likely to be an issue to any insurance companies that are attempting to rate your policy.

Corporate Credit Building Starting from $2497.00 or $899.00/month for three months

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