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Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness with Centralized Business Marketing

Between pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and the wide range of social media marketing tools, online business marketing is complex and getting more-so all the time. Ideally, these tools will help eager and grateful customers to find your business, website, and services - with the help of search engines. But creating the perfect blend of business marketing techniques is a bigger job than working on the individual components.

At CBS, we can offer a complete package of business marketing solutions, tailored to your needs and targeted to the future customers that are looking for someone like you right now.

CBS has the skills and experience to create individual business marketing components online, and we also know how to zoom out and take a look at the bigger picture. We know that you are investing in marketing because you want to increase revenue. Otherwise you’re just throwing money away.

With the right SEO strategy, your conversion rates will increase significantly. When you target the right audience, they’ll be glad they found you or saw your ads. They’ll shop with you because you are what they were looking for. A complete marketing strategy that incorporates all the elements available is your best bet for a truly worthwhile return on your investment. Also when you work with Corporate Business Solutions, you have one point of contact for all of your online business marketing needs.

Internet Marketing 101

What makes a good internet marketing campaign? The term internet marketing refers to anything and everything you can use to expose your business to potential customers online. CBS offers not only the tools, but also analysis of your success so that improvements can be made. When an online video works, the focus will be put on that video. If you have a successful ad campaign, we’ll know immediately and ensure that future ads are targeted similarly. Plus, Corporate Business Solutions makes sure that the different internet marketing tools are working together.

Web Hosting and Support

The base of your internet marketing strategy is your website. Ensuring that your site is hosted on a dependable, expandable server is like building a sufficient foundation for a home.

Web Design

Upon your foundation, we can create a beautifully designed, user-friendly, intuitive web site that appeals to customers, builds on a dependable reputation, and makes it easy for you to convert visitors into shoppers.


The text on your website must follow SEO conventions dictated by search engines. Each page, including product or category pages, news or informational articles, blog posts, and landing pages, should be optimized. Corporate Business Solutions supplies high quality, unique, and well researched website copy.


Search engine optimization is a constantly changing field of knowledge. The tools and strategies of the past are not unassailable, and search engines are constantly updating the way they search for the websites that their users are looking for. SEO expertise is invaluable.

  • 80% of online transactions start with a search engine.
  • Major search engines, including Google, offer several hundred million search results every single day.
  • Almost nobody goes past the first page of search engine results (Top 10).

Corporate Business Solutions keeps our clients ahead by staying on top of SEO trends and requirements. SEO can be extremely cost-effective, if employed in the right ways. Let Corporate Business Solutions manage your SEO services in order to bring in more revenue.


Pay per click marketing takes advantage of the power of search engines. It benefits the search engine each time an ad is displayed to the right kind of customer. That means Google has the incentive to get people to click on your ad. Plus, search engine ads appear at the top of the page when people are searching, so you’re getting yourself on the first page the easy way. You pay for the ad to be displayed where and when it makes the most sense. It’s a simple and effective tool that takes skill, attentiveness, and experience to get it right.

Social Media

Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube every day. YouTube is now the second largest search engine, making it a powerful resource for businesses that want to market using video. Plus social media ads can be shared and spread among the right communities of shoppers instantly. It’s word-of-mouth at the speed of light, and it can make or break a business. News, product referrals, information, and everything in between are shared via social networks. Don’t let your business get left behind.

With Corporate Business Solutions, you’re guaranteed to have a consistent, integrated, and effective online business marketing strategy that truly works for you. Get in touch today to learn more about what we do differently.

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